ReTree  Schenectady
Over 90 species of trees are approved for ReTree planting- availability depends on nursery inventory. ReTree Schenectady has been planting trees in Schenectady since 1999 and has identified numerous species that can be reliably planted in the city. These trees are also recommended by the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University for planting in urban environments. ReTree Schenectady is committed to increasing the diversity of trees in the urban forest and to using native trees, When appropriate and available.  For underwire situations, trees of mature size less than 30 feet are planted. Schenectady has an abundance of maples [silver and Norway, in particular] so we try to minimize maple planting.  Green and white ashes have excellent survival rates; however, with the arrival of the emerald ash borer, ReTree Schenectady no longer plants ashes. A few examples of what’s planted:                                                   
For complete lists of approved trees click on the links below Small Tree List Medium to Large Tree List For more detailed tree descriptions visit Cornell University’s Woody Plants Data Base and enter the tree name in the search box.
About Us Home Tree Care Beautiful deep pink spring flowers Lustrous brown bark Rounded crown, yellow in fall, the wood of Sradavarius violins Distinctive heart shaped leaves, small green-yellow flower clusters in spring,  rounded crown Extensively planted as an ornamental because of its symmetrical shape and brilliant fall foliage. Thin airy crown, dappled shade, greenish yellow blossoms, yellow in fall White flowers in early spring; edible globular berries; yellow fall color Tall elegant trees. Elms have simple leaves with teeth on the edges- they turn yellow in the Fall.
Small Trees for Under Wires
Hedge Maple
Medium to Large Trees for Open Spaces
            Oak                              Elm                            Linden                Honey Locust